Inspiring Keynote Speaker Kenton Lee

Kenton Lee delivers inspiring messages around practical compassion - the small things that make a big difference. After hearing him speak, you will be motivated to get started and make an impact in your neighborhood or around the world.

He is a perfect balance of fun and meaning. His speeches are full of memorable stories, common sense wisdom, and a unique view of innovation. Kenton challenges audiences to re-think how to make a difference - where small things really do matter.

About Kenton

Kenton Lee is a very regular guy who took hard work, passion, and creativity and turned it into a world-wide phenomenon.  He is the creator of The Shoe That Grows and the founder of the nonprofit organization Because International which has distributed over 100,000 pairs of these amazing shoes to kids in over 90 countries.

Along this 10-year journey of innovation and entrepreneurship with The Shoe That Grows, Kenton had to persevere through obstacles and rejection. But he drove forward with a belief in practical compassion - that small things (like shoes) really can make a big difference. He still works at this practical compassion everyday through his full-time work at his nonprofit organization. And he is a sought-after speaker to inspire others with this same message - hopefully motivating others to live with practical compassion in their lives, too.

Kenton lives in his hometown of Nampa, Idaho with his wife and two kids. He has been featured on the Today Show, Forbes, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, CBS Evening News, and other media outlets.

All speaking fees go directly to
The Shoe That Grows.

One speech changes the lives of hundreds of kids

Topics and Outcomes

Practical Compassion: Small Things That Make a BIG Difference

You don't have to be Bill Gates to make a difference. Kenton Lee inspires audiences with his stories of how small things can make a big impact through simple, practical compassion. With stories and common sense wisdom, Lee motivates audiences to pursue their passions and dreams - one small action at a time.

The Power of Generosity for Life and Work

What should you do to achieve your goals in life and work?  Be generous.  Generosity makes the world go around. Kenton Lee inspires audiences to live with a generous heart and open hands to not only help others but to empower themselves, too. Lee uses his own journey as an example of how generosity can transform your life and others.

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