Meet Kenton

Kenton believes in practical compassion - the small things that make a big difference. It started with The Shoe That Grows. That unexpected 10 year journey taught him a lot about perseverance, entrepreneurship, innovation, and the power of small things

He loves still working full-time with his nonprofit organization to help get The Shoe That Grows to kids around the world - this is his calling in life. In fact, 100% of his speaking fees goes directly to The Shoe That Grows to help more kids challenged by poverty receive this life-changing resource.

And he loves speaking and inspiring audiences to find ways that they can live with practical compassion in their lives and work.

Creator of The Shoe That Grows

From the inspiration at the orphanage in Kenya through all the rejection and struggles to make it happen - Kenton and a host of others turned this idea into reality.

Founder (and still working everyday) of Because International

Hustling. Pushing. Working. Kenton loves still being a full-time employee of the organization he founded. He and his team have helped distribute over 100,000 pairs of The Shoe That Grows to kids in over 90 countries.

Top-rated Keynote Speaker

Motivating groups of hundreds and thousands - Kenton loves sharing his stories of practical compassion and talking about the power of small things. His talks are engaging and fun. All speaking fees go directly to The Shoe That Grows (more shoes for more kids!).

Husband, Dad, Idaho Native

Truth be told, Kenton's favorite part of his life is being a husband and father. He and his family live in his hometown of Nampa, Idaho. He loves life in his small town with his amazing family.